Miranda Warning

For my Day 6 of the Grey’s Anatomy Challenge, it’s asking about my least favorite female character which is obviously, Miranda Bailey. a-younger-baileyI know a lot of people tend to like her because she is one of the original characters and because the story started nicely for her. She’s a tough mentor who eventually came around and became motherly to her interns. BUT the story has also revealed how jealous she is with Meredith. Anything involving Richard and Meredith, Miranda surely takes it personally with a stack of bitterness borderline unprofessionalism. Meredith did not seek or beg for that love and attention, it was Richard who felt obligated to do so having contributed to the destruction of Meredith’s family. Miranda throws tantrums whenever she feels insecure. (Flashback: the episode right after Meredith got her Harper Avery award and there was this  patient who was looking for Dr. Grey because she is frustrated with her diagnosis; unfortunately, Meredith is on a personal day so Bailey covered for her patients / Bailey’s gotten all competitive before and after solving the case [she celebrated like Meredith was given a chance to try and failed eventually!] This is why I continued to dislike her… )

Her character was given so much undue power. During Miranda’s residency, it is a wonder to me why she’s able to do so many solo surgeries and why is she the person being contacted to operate as primary surgeon. It wasn’t the case during others’ residency training.

She’s done several malpractices during the Grey’s Anatomy run but for some reasons, only two got stuck in my head today. First was injecting HIV virus to the patient. Although it was helpful, it was still wrong because there was no consent and the parents were kind of straightforward about not wanting that type of treatment. Second, doctoring the clock when she was operating that guy whose insurance lapsed midnight and the surgery was not yet done. She meant well but the hypocrisy of it! Both instances were similar to Meredith’s insurance fraud and yet, she made a big brouhaha out of it even terminating Richard (out of sheer jealousy again perhaps?) and Karev. I dislike her character because she is the most hypocritical of all. I didn’t care about her closing words to save Meredith’s license because all the mess was started by her exaggerated reactions.

Also, I wonder why she’s had a seat on the board when she did not have shares to begin with. Alex had shares because Cristina gave her shares to EVIL SPAWN. But anyhoo, I just watched Private Practice today and I saw Megan Hunt playing another character, almost right after Kepner’s so I really shouldn’t be all so technical about the stories.


At least for characters as main as Meredith’s and Miranda’s — we have to really pay attention with the flow of the story otherwise, we might be cheering for someone full of hypocrisy, jealousy, pride and arrogance.

BUT since I like Chandra Wilson (the actress playing Bailey’s character), I am posting my most favorite photo of her courtesy of TV Fanatic.

And to redeem her character a little bit, I have all the sympathies for Bailey because she’s married Ben Warren, a major stressor. If I were married to someone as fickle-minded as Ben, I will be as distraught. Perhaps I may display it differently but it will be super stressful to me. With this, I give her some redeeming points because she’s got to endure Ben Warren and that’s worse than having to endure Thatcher Grey as a father.

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