Oh the Might Have Beens!

I am in awe of my commitment to this Grey’s Anatomy Challenge; being able to reach Day 4: Favorite Couple category? Whoa, amazing! Let me first enumerate the couples that I can remember (ok so I really tried my best to enumerate them but I had to erase everything I’ve written because I realized there are just too many and I am afraid I’d skip some important names so I am crediting the list Vulture has written about the same topic).

About my choice, it is not the typical one but this is the couple I remember feeling so giddy about having watched and re-watched Grey’s Anatomy (over and over) — it’s none other than the Mark Sloan – Addison Montgomery love affair.


These two were not on an official relationship, that’s why I called it a love affair. Addison was married to Derek and Mark is “Mark.” According to Addison, Derek had been busy with surgery / work commitments and did not have time for her. He never paid attention to her and made her feel like they were not married. On that fateful day, Derek recognized that his home felt different, the same but different and noticed that there was a jacket that isn’t his but of someone he knows (Mark’s). So apparently, Mark was Derek’s best friend and as the story progressed, it will be revealed that they grew up together and that Mark was practically raised by Derek’s mom. Imagine the betrayal he must have felt especially knowing that it was not a one night stand and that it was actually a full on love affair!? The horror!

So Addison followed Derek; Mark followed Addison to Seattle. They were all shocked seeing a totally different story in Seattle Grace. There was this very dreamy couple that Addison did not expect. They referred to Meredith as the slutty intern but things eventually were put in place.

When Addison and Mark realized that Derek and Meredith are for real, they’ve decided to give it a shot but none of them should be having any sexual relations with anyone, including with each other. Addison basically wanted to see if Mark could stand being faithful to her and will be committed on wooing her. Mark had been strong despite the temptations but Addison couldn’t keep her eyes off Alex at that time for some weird reason because Alex wasn’t at all attractive and gentle at that time. His personality was still crass and awful! So when Mark, (since he’s been paying quite an attention to Addison) figured it out, he’s taken the credit of being unfaithful. He told Addi that it was him who actually could not resist and failed to commit to their pact. Addison was disappointed however, she knew what she’s done and when Alex rejected her, it kind of started the Spin-Off, Private Practice.

There was a scene where Mark finds Alex and wonders why he filled out an EEG request on Ava. Alex says Derek asked a complete neuro work-up. He starts telling Mark to get off his back, but stops mid-sentence. Mark tells him to finish, because he would love an excuse to lay him out. Alex says he didn’t do anything. Mark says that whatever he didn’t do sent Addison running for the hills. That was actually the scene where I saw Mark Sloan’s pure love to Addison. How can someone resist him right?

And that’s how they became my favorite. I am such a sucker for this kind of love.

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2 thoughts on “Oh the Might Have Beens!

  1. I never thought of their relationship that way, but now when I rewatch Grey’s I’ll see them in a different light. I think my favorite was Meredith and Derek and my least favorite was George and Izzy. They just didn’t belong together.

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