The One with Great Friends

I don’t know how long my commitment to this challenge would last but here’s to the third day that I am. Day 3 of the Grey’s Anatomy Challenge asks for my Favorite Friendship and that’s most definitely a tie between Callie and Mark’s & Meredith and Alex’s friendships… but I would have to go with the latter because theirs is pure friendship and was never tainted with sex or anything of the like except for Alex’s douchey moves in the first season.

Having said that:

[We now have to circle back to my Day 1 post containing a GIF of one of my most favorite scenes about Alex and Meredith.]

Alex has this eternal caring attitude towards everyone. He is an ass and a jerk to some women BUT he is also the most loving and empathetic doctor in the show. He values his patients and dedicates his personal time and resources toward patient care. Alex’s African children project brought Zola to MerDer’s lives, remember?

Meredith, truly complements Alex’s Jell-o heart with her dark and twisty and impulsive nature. Well, they both have their own darkness but their goodness emerge making them good doctors and great friends.
Look at how Alex held Meredith’s head, like he is some kind of elderly giving his attagirl push! Love them too much!

Alex and Meredith cared for one another from the beginning. Izzie often hated how Meredith find Alex endearing despite everything that he does (quoting Cristina, “Alex is the evil spawn”) and how Meredith sees him beyond his jerkness.

Meredith has been there for Alex during his tribulations with Izzie and his struggles with Deluca… she’s been there for him during his hard times with Jo. She embraced Jo like a sister and that’s because Alex asked her to be nice to her. She eventually loved Jo with all her heart.

Alex was there when Meredith was attacked. He cried like a baby seeing his dear Meredith beaten to almost death by a patient who is in a zombielike state. He was there as she recovered and yes, cried like a baby (AGAIN!) shedding tears of pure joy that seemed so authentic! Alex was later fired from Grey-Sloan having supported Meredith’s insurance fraud. They stood by each other through the good times and the hard times.

Through time and circumstances, their friendship has evolved to an unconditional kind. The kind that one could really get used to having.

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