Grey’s Anatomy, Why?!

In my commitment to Grey’s Anatomy Challenge Day One: Your Favorite Male Character:

It is high time to write about a tweet from Ellen Pompeo that got me shaken up all day. Her tweet was about how heartbreaking it is losing Alex Karev (she retweeted an article from Vanity Fair). I have heard a lot of actors stating how time consuming TV gigs are for them and that the most ideal length of commitment is up to maximum of 6 seasons. Grey’s Anatomy has truly gone way past that length as it is currently on its 16th season.  I have this habit of rerunning the series from season one whenever they’re on a break. Netflix has truly made it so easy. At this point of my rerun, #JOLEX just got hitched so it destroyed me seeing articles about the November 14 episode being Alex Karev’s last. This was the scene where Meredith was being judged by the panel of medical professionals whether her license will be revoked or not (I don’t want to further spoil the episode for those who haven’t caught up). Alex Karev’s scenes were kind of epic at that episode but not epic enough to be his last. I mean, why isn’t there any send off?

Alex Karev obviously is my favorite male character and this episode was by far, my most favorite among Alex’s greatness! The way he cried seeing that Meredith has been beaten down by a patient. Whew! It was so sincere. It was the most genuine acting I have seen on Grey’s Anatomy and I practically flooded twitter with #MerLex hashtags

According to Justin Chambers (the actor who played Alex), he wanted to try something new with his career since he’s not getting any younger, he apparently just turned 50 so it’s very much acceptable to want to venture something different but I was thinking he would at least finish the season. I mean, I don’t know how long will the series last but at least, I was hoping for an elaborate 16-seasons worth of send off but I feel that his leaving was abrupt and the lack of proper goodbye was probably on Justin’s part so it is somehow like Sara Ramirez’s departure perhaps. Nobody knows but them.

I really meant to write something about Grey’s Anatomy but it’s basically about Miranda Bailey’s hypocrisy but I guess I just have to wallow on this really depressing news for the interim.

Photo was pinned by Lesweldster on Grey’s Anatomy and the GIF was from Hidden Remote

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