New Year, New Hope

I intended for my new year to be a much better one. My 2019 had been horrible so I

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believe that it’s kind of easier to top that one in terms of how good a year is. I was super looking forward to leaving the past year behind.

I have made mistakes in 2019 that was triggered by a situation that I am 100 percent not at fault. Unfortunately, my reactions were rather explosive. Let’s just say that while the other party used cobra to attack covertly, I retaliated with a pit bull. It was horrible. I wish I have not listened to people who ignited the fire. Evil people are there, people with evil intentions but I should have stayed away from people who love to add fuel to the fire. I was ready, December 31 was the day that I am preparing myself for a brand new tomorrow. My life had been prepared to be fresh, happy, and I have started sharing about life once again. Same day, one of the people dear to my heart has written a supposedly loving New Year’s greeting wishing for me to mature and become Christlike. I was stabbed in the heart at how publicly that message was posted. I truly regret my overly dramatic reactions but I wish people would still ask why. I hope people who seemed to care about me won’t just side with others without knowing the facts from all sources. I only wished people have considered how they knew of me before blurting out words, leaving public messages such as that.

Anyhow, I started my 2020 sad because it was a painful message received on New Year’s eve, nevertheless, I still intend for a better year this time and I pray to God to make me stronger and to surround me with people who do not like anarchy. I thank God for my family who loves me. I thank God for all the provisions, the challenges and the answered prayers!

I will not taunt 2020 to bring it on hahaha! BUT I pray, that everything God will send across my path is signed, sealed and delivered by HIM alone.

Glory to God, He has done great things!

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