In Retrospect

I was chatting with my best friend on a Facebook thread and we kind of relived a memory of a Philippine showbiz gossip regarding a Filipina superstar Bea Alonzo and her former boyfriend, Mico Palanca who unfortunately died last December 9 after jumping from a 6-floor condominium in Pasig City, Philippines. The article was written around 2006 (; it talked about Mico defending Bea on the rumors that had been spreading that she was a lesbian and had lived in with a certain Shiela Soncuya. The rumor came up when Shiela, an assistant director in an ABS-CBN show committed suicide by shooting herself.

In the Philippines especially before the so-called “woke” days became trending, people really had to defend you when you’ve been rumored about your sexuality. That’s the Philippine culture… especially if you’re like a superstar or the money maker of the biggest network in the Philippines, they really had to do something about it. Now, it can be dealt as a non-issue. People shrug it off nowadays and just let your mind wander and wonder.

Whether Bea was / is a lesbian, no one really knows for sure but certainly, Mico had great things to say about Bea and he’d reiterated that whatever bad write up about him that came out after Bea’s been interviewed were possibly misconstrued and were likely to have been deliberately written out of context to gain more followers.

So back to my chat with my best friend, I kind of asked if she remembers this issue because I hardly recall that they were an item and she was like, “yeah they were and perhaps it’s only us who remember.” I told her that there were 3 of us actually, her, me, and Candice Lim, the girl who wrote the article for Anyhow, while I was looking through old posts about Mico Palanca, there was this guy who seemed close to Mico and he put a hashtag #rockstarlibis on the Instagram photo that he’s posted and I was like sucked back in time when I used to hangout that bar just for the sake of rubbing elbows with Philippine hunks such as Bernard, Victor, Mico, Troy, and my unforgettable success in that regard, KC Montero. I managed to actually sit beside him, an actual elbow to elbow encounter, hahaha. I was foolish.

Mico was so handsome, angelic and super sosyal.

I wonder what happened. It’s sad, I mean his demise, what happened to his life… having seen him onscreen growing up, it’s like he was part of our lives, he was literally our contemporary. It’s sad how we gradually fade away… #restinpeace

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