California Love

My California adventure had been a blast. I suddenly wanted to be a California girl!

the beverly hills building

Our first stop was Anaheim for obvious reasons, Disney! For first timers like my son and I, of course we had to go visit a Disney park and we chose the one in California. We enjoyed both parks and I certainly enjoyed shopping from factory outlets in OC.  Ghad I am such a spendthrift, hahaha! I was only able to buy few things for myself and spent the entire time buying for the “mandatory ones” (people back home).

One of the things that I enjoyed is how omnipresent Denny’s is. I remember being able to see this diner in movies and tv series, having dined there for the first time was epic! Like a dream come true! Hahaha. It’s so embarrassing to admit, but it’s true.

We have spent some days in LA, Hollywood in particular and I was amazed by how it is true to how it is being shown on screen. I am such a fanatic I know, but I was somehow teary-eyed having seen The Beverly Hills Hotel not to mention joining a tour group that cruised around the celebrity houses, oh migosh, it was like heaven for me. I am not sure if my son and husband feel the same, although I am certain that they both enjoyed our Disney, Universal Studios tours not to mention our seemingly endless walkathon around the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

As we went walking along the Hollywood Blvd, we’ve decided to pass by Kat Von D’s tattoo shop which incidentally was closed. It was quite early though. Hmm, strange.

Anyhow, we stayed at this quaint apartment called La Casa Del Rey. It was amazingly beautiful albeit could use better staffing as they weren’t professional inn keepers (honestly). They were nice but they really lacked the skills. Otherwise, the stay had been super!

I had to share this fan mode experience seeing one of the actors from Madam Secretary (Geoffrey Arend). He patiently waited to be seated in this resto pub called “Maam Sir” in LA (a Filipino fusion bar) that’s amazingly patronized by everyone…  So back to Geoffrey Arend, I was so hesitant to approach him because like I said on my previous post, I don’t know if it’s okay to do that. Not culturally — I was actually questioning whether it is really socially acceptable to ask celebrities for selfie in general. I mean, I do watch Madam Secretary and I do like him as an actor and his character is interesting for me. But I resisted, kept my cool and just looked at him from afar trying to make my husband remember who he is while explaining how awesome it is how popular people do not take advantage of their fame to gain something from society. I actually commented about that on his Instagram and he said that he really did not want to do that because having worked in restaurants before, he’s seen people using their influence to get prioritized and it wasn’t something he liked and now that he’s somehow famous, he’s seen to it that he won’t be doing such. Having browsed his IG, I have seen how willingly he takes selfies with fans and I kind of regretted how I chickened out.

The overall first timer experience was extraordinary. I can’t wait to be back!

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